Belt of the Heavens: The Zodiac by photographer Francesca Blue

Francesca Blue as Sagittarius
“I’ve always been fascinated by astrology, but for a long time, I knew very little about it. I barely understood my own sign any more than I understood others. But recently, astrology has become a pretty popular topic to dish out at social gatherings. People will engage in the most energetic conversations with total strangers. The topic is almost like a shield, it allows you to open up and talk about your traits and interests in a way that doesn’t feel overly intimate. With that, I knew I wanted to explore the signs in an artistic way. But I wanted to do it in a way that was truer to the people I knew. I wanted to represent who they were, not what their sign’s symbol or animal was, but their personality, their aura, their fashion sense. When Justina from Whiskey River Vintage reached out to me about exploring the signs through eco-conscious fashion, I was already out the door and ready to go. Somehow, magically, we took our pages upon pages of enthusiastic ideas and made them into real things with some very talented people. So, here they are. The astrological signs, modeled by people of those signs, created with a team of very talented people, inspired by all the amazing personalities I’ve encountered along this whole photographic journey.” -Blue

Photographer: Francesca Blue @missfrancescablue | Photo Assistant: Justina Gil @yungplantmami | Makeup Artists: Xochitl Gonzalez @xochitlsocheel and Mariam Ali @mariamaliart | Wardrobe Stylist: Whiskey River Vintage @whiskeyrivervintage | Jewelry Designer: Muestwoseven Design | Models: Lesley Carroll @lescarxx, Rosanna Cuéllar @rosannagram, Kara Elyse @iamkaraelyse, Fabiana @fffabianita, Quentin Arispe, Sydni Adams @dazesmoki, Gabriela Garza @saint_gabriela, Amy Deanna @amy.deanna, Francesca Blue @missfrancescablue, Billie Green @girlwhocanfight, Y2K, and Felix Lenz


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