The Barlovento Lookbook: inspired by sailor homoerotica, vintage love letters and violent seas

His SS17 collection “Barlovento” has been wildly acclaimed on the Island of Enchantment. Barlovento inspired by sailor homoerotica, vintage love letters and violent seas. In a time where there’s been a creative renaissance amongst its population, which is largely conservative. Over the past 10 to 15 years the social and economic balance that once secured Puerto Rico’s status as the ‘Pearl of the Caribbean’ has been collapsing. The island’s one-foot-in-one-foot-out relationship with the US has created its own set of unique challenges. Although Puerto Ricans are US citizens many feel ‘second-rate’ due to the island’s commonwealth status. On top of that it currently faces and unplayable $70 Billion debt and has recently suffered the biggest exodus of its people since the 50s. Most, including myself, citing the lack of opportunity as their main reason for moving away.

Other artist decided to stick to their guns and represent the island through its art and fashion community. Hector Omar has won countless awards and is revolutionizing how the public views menswear on the island, with a unisex vibe challenging the islands hyper masculinity syndrome and is one of the first designers to mingle with androgyny in his aesthetic. It’s all about inclusion and not exclusion in his market. All items are made to order and custom fitted to appeal to everyone’s shape and style. They can order online via communicating with the designer.


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