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Bald beauty by photographer Anastasia Bóris

“I am a female photographer from Russia and not long ago I met a girl that became a friend to me. Liza is cool, energetic, cheerful, charismatic, and incredibly beautiful… and bald. Nobody knows why she has no hair, she’s not sick, she’s just born this way. At school she was always wearing wigs, but now she is not afraid of society and especially of herself.

My cat Mr. Meseeks is bald too. I adore Sphynxes. They are sweet, smart, and faithful like no other breed. Some friends are like ewww!, when I say I have a sphynx cat. It probably looks disgusting because it has no fur, but everyone loves my cat after spending some time with him. When my cat sees a human being, he is ready to give
all his tenderness and love to that person. Give it to the lost drop! Sometimes I look at his hypnotic eyes and it’s like he’s reading my mind and feels what I feel, like he’s from another planet. This beautiful girl, Liza, that I was lucky to meet, is also definitely not from Earth. This girl understands me so much, she feels me. By the way she looks at you, the way she moves, and her mind, it’s like she’s from another universe.

Society with its weak-minded standards is trying to dictate to us what is beautiful. I see feminists on Instagram provocatively dying their hairy armpits, though it has gone mainstream now more than protest, yet it makes sense. Breaking the standards. That’s what it is! Through this photoshoot I was trying to show a bald beauty the way I see it and feel it. Having hair or not, you’re beautiful. You rock, whether it be the way you were born or the decision you chose for yourself. Be you and not the way society says you should be.” -Bóris

Photographer- Anastasia Bóris | Makeup Artist- Natalia Bogdanova @nataliia_make_up | Model- Mr. Meseeks @mr_meseeks_sphynx and Elizabeth Eremenko @qbethwild


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