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  • The Park by Marie-Elaine Gagné

    This is a fashion editorial representing a typical day at the park….or not so typical? Photographer and Stylist: Marie-Elaine Gagné @jonimitchellontherun | Model: Jolen Maclean @jolenmaclean  | MUAH: Mallory Lowe @lowemallory

  • Sometime and Somewhere by Valeriya Shustval

    This story is about girl who likes to walk everywhere and transform into different images.  Photographer: Valeriya Shustval @Valeriyashu | Model: Mercy Katongo @Queen_mercy20 @ Look Models |MUAH: Pavel Elfimov @Pashyoung | Stylists: Svetlana Burkhovetskaya @s.u.b. , Sonora , @Sonoramagic Turtleneck – Fashionista Top – H&M Dress – Bare Skirt – Topshop Jacket – H&M Cape […]

  • WORDS by Stanislav Mironov from Moscow, Russia

    “We’re used to think it is the food what makes us. But what about another sort of food — the words that slip right from our tongues. All those letters and phrases we inhale, absorb and digest. Words can make us happy and yet somehow can let us down. Those words that we may be […]

  • Be Yourself by Andy Việt Hoàng + video

    Photographer- Andy Việt Hoàng | Fashion stylist, Creative Director- Jieun Lee @janejieunlee @janejielee | MUAH- Victoria Kokina @kokina.mua @kokina.mua | Model- Hui An @anhuian and Chloe Bettin @ First Models | Retoucher- Marcin Mikus | Assistant- Daniel Scheel @daniel.scheel Videographer: Anna Gudbrands Left White shirt, Navy check print trouser – Pull&Bear Blue T shirt – […]

  • Psylence Them by Nina Hawkins

    Camera Operator, Videographer, Photographer, Retoucher- Nina Hawkins @ninanhawkins | Model- Aida @arayabuaa | Fashion Designer- Tyce @intyceyou | MUAH- Elena Bracks @elenakhlo Top – The Psylence Hat – Dolls Kill Skirt and gloves – The Psylence Jewelry – Asos Shoes – Current MoodMask and Hoodie – The Psylence Jewelry – MM6 Skirt – The Psylence […]

  • Skeptical Daily by Weiying Jin

    Photographer- Weiying Jin | Stylist: Katherine Kou @kainkou | Models- Renata Pellegrini @mademoiselle @repellegrini_ and Theo Rouviere @ SC models @theo_rouviere| MUAH- Xiaoyuan Yang | Fashion Designer- Charlotte Yan All clothes designed by Charlotte Yan Shoes: Balenciaga

  • Boys Play Dress Up by Corey Reeb

    Photographer- Corey Reeb @coreyreeb | Fashion Designer- Tripp Nyc @TrippNYC | Model- Larry Belcher Jr | Hair Stylist- Taren Massey @Tmass0321 White Beater- Urban Outfitters Quilt- Tripp NYC Cash Money Chains- CHI Vintage Shoes- FilasGlasses- Urban Outfitters Shirt- VFILES Earrings- CHI Vintage

  • Red Light. Yellow Light by Geoffrey Badner

    Portraits of Australian model Shay Peyote shot in Brooklyn, NY at Warehouse Studios by Geoffrey Badner. Photographer: Geoffrey Badner @geoffbadnerphotography Model: Shay @peyotemod

  • *Cries/8’s first collection by Belladetta Chanel Antoinnette Peresa

    *Cries/8 is a brand, a project, a collection that revolves around experimenting, expressing and collaborating through various forms and mediums. Representing the attitude we stand by as youth and creatives today due to societies unrealistic standards. *Cries/8 is for creating and building ideas for collection of artwork that capture the essence of the youth and […]

  • Acid Kids by Liliia Beda

    Photographer- Liliia Beda @blueberryeyed | Models- Maria Buzhunskya and Sergey Lyanchenko | Fashion Designer- Oksana Serbina | MUAH- Juliya Goncharova

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