Army of Sig portrays Sigfrido Requenes— a mexican artist and performer and his relationship with borderline personality disorder

BDP is a mental health disturbance that affects the way you think and feel about yourself and your surroundings. It can include patterns of unstable relationships, distortion of self image, extreme emotions, impulsiveness and in extreme cases of stress it may provoque psychotic episodes. Starting with one symptom of BPD; the distortion of self image, Salvador Hernández, Francisco Rondón and Sigfrido Requenes (photographer, stylist and model) staged a dissasociation monologue where the main character changes profession, genre and species throughout the story. Using humor, mystery and fashion, this editorial aims to open a conversation and give visibility to mental health disorders that remain a stigmatized topic and are often suffered in silence.

Creative Director/Photographer: Salvador Hernandez @vengacheivs | Model/Makeup Artist: Sigfrido Narciso @yungcorpse | Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director: Francisco Rondon @franciscojrondon


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