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Apply Force by photographer Parker Woods, challenging gender roles and sexuality

Robdu and Honjuay are a power-couple if I’ve ever seen one. Their presence is undeniable when they enter the room and I don’t think I’ve ever met two people who make an intimate dynamic appear so effortless. Thank you for allowing me to glimpse your love and what it looks like for you both.

These images are intended to challenge gender roles—particularly normative ideals of masculinity—through depictions of vulnerability, honesty, and affection within a romantic relationship. This fashion story also provides commentary on what kind of imagery is considered explicit. Sexuality continues to be stigmatized despite it being an ever-present aspect of fashion. Rather than tiptoe around the concept in the abstract, this set of photographs embraces sensuality: illustrating emotions and actions that are the result of a genuine connection between two individuals.

Photographer: Parker Woods @brasshands | Models: Robdu Hailu @eiehb, Honjuay @honjuay | Styling: Parker Woods and Honjuay


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