An American Monkey In London

As my first year in London comes to an end, I can’t help but reflect on the experience in my own artistic way.


It all started back in September of 2016 when I took an airplane to England for the first time to start my first term at University of Arts London. I made the crazy decision to attend a school in a country I’d never been to. It was either going to be the worst or best decision I would ever make, but no matter what…

I finally got to drink legally.

The first night I managed to find my way into an underground drag bar with my mom and do shots of absinthe till three in the morning, so everything seemed like it was going great. That was until the whole experience finally kicked in. Everything seemed so unfamiliar and different. All sense of comfort was lost. It all felt like a crazy dream that I just wasn’t waking up from. I confined myself to my tiny flat in student halls. Dressed it with colorful lights and shrouded myself from the outside world.

Everyday when I would walk outside, I felt like a monkey in a zoo. I was on display in a foreign land, representing a whole country that I was eager to escape from. Each new person came with the same questions. Judging and asking me about America as if I was Uncle Sam waving my red and white striped flag around.

In one perfect example, I was resting intoxicated and happy in a ball pit at a nightclub when a girl started attacking and blaming me for Trump being in office. I think she even tried to steal my shoes at one point.

I suddenly knew what it felt liked to feel caged and distant from the world around me. This wasn’t all so bad though. It put my in a place of self-reflection that I had never experienced before. Night after night I would hide away in the cage that was my room and create new ideas. This room became my space of evolution. From feeling like a monkey trapped in a cage to becoming an artist confined to his creative space, everything became clear.

London had become a place of pure creative growth for me. Each day, would bring me closer and closer to understanding my creative process. So with that in mind, for the next two years I’ve dedicated my time to taking up a journey into my subconscious. I want to discover who I am with what I can create.

I am an artist and this is who I am:


“An American Monkey In London.”


Photography: @peztypupil

Camera: Leica R9

Film: 35mm-kodak-colorplus200

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