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Metal-head turned Pop Star Diva set to release new pop anthem that’ll put every “loser” at the top of the cool list



The metal chick dubbed emerging pop star’s newest single “Loser” will be available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud; Trailer video available on YouTube

ALAENA debuts new single “Loser” with a self- directed trailer introducing her collab with Hong Kong based lingerie brand Raven & Rose The metal chick dubbed emerging pop star’s newest single “Loser” will be available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud; Trailer video available on YouTube. [Los Angeles, California] April 17, 2017 : Los Angeles-based pop star Alaena debuts a cryptic trailer to shatter the loner mold with a huge pop track called “Loser” produced by Khris Lorenz. The trailer video, split in two sections, captures the strange, beautiful and lonesome to give this song preview a visually stimulating story. A magnetizing narrative, shot on top of a deserted downtown building, signifies she has wound up at an unfamiliar place searching for others who may be just like her. Part two of the trailer begins in a dim-lit bathroom with Alaena going through what seems to be her odd yet daily routine. Flashes of the eerie Joshua Tree desert and “home movie” style clips of Alaena show us she is fully embracing the possibility of being the only one like her. Alaena partnered with Hong Kong based lingerie brand Raven & Rose whose product you can see through out the video.

Watch Alaena x Raven & Rose – “Loser” (Official Trailer)

Loser is meant to have a strong story and message. Alaena is no stranger to growing up differently than everyone else by being singled out. From the hate she faced from cyber bullies to her metal fans unwilling to accept her change as a pop princess, Alaena learned to embrace herself by not only ignoring the haters but to create a safe place for others who feel left out. Lyrics like “ Ok to be a Loser like me” express a sense of unity, almost like a cult made up of beautifully imperfect humans. For more information on Alana visit

Listen to “Loser”

Getting her start in the music industry as the keyboardist of internationally known death core band Winds of Plague, Pittsburgh native Alaena puts her own spin on pop music – a mixture of eerie innocence over heart-pounding tracks. She mixes an effortless 90’s vibe with her naturally dark edge captivating a viewer’s eye, heart, and soul with her euphoric presence. Alaena had to grow up fast touring the world so she moved to Los Angeles right out of high school to pursue her career, where she then met producer Khris Lorenz. They worked closely developing her sound and in 2016 they unleashed her first single entitled “Bad.” As “Bad” gained momentum, so did Alaena’s fan base. She has received interest from highly notable Magazines, djs, songwriters and blogs all over the spectrum. Alaena is currently recording her debut ep.

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Model and social media influencer India Love just dropped a track with



You may recognize India Love from a number of media outlets including Instagram and the BET family show The Westbrooks. If you’re an OG, you remember India Love gaining her pretty internet presence from Tumblr as well. With modeling and endorsements under her belt, Love quickly joined the ranks with other influencers and celebs, gaining a well recognized name for herself.

Love has mentioned being mentored by in the past, even becoming a model for his new “button-like” headphone/tech line called I Am Plus.

India Love has a well-documented upbringing on the internet, much like any other celebrity. So let’s get real, being’s protégé we would expect some type of musical direction right? Well, just yesterday Love premiered her very first music video “Loco” to the world and gave us insight on how the process began

And for those who didn’t know, this was my First song EVER recorded ever in my life.. @iamwill sat me down about a year or so ago from today and told me he wanted me to try something new.. something out of the box and fresh. I didn’t hesitate one bit. I remained patient. Trusted his vision and followed his guidance along the way. Thank you so much for believing in me & allowing me to show the world the Visual Artist I really am. -India Love, via Instagram

“Loco” features colorful animations, much similar to a production, a random appearance by Lil Yachty, and of course a verse from With heavy mixed reviews, “Loco” does seem to be more on the end of a commercial sound that could possibly appear in advertisements. But one’s thing for sure, it doesn’t seem like India Love will be going anywhere anytime soon.

Check out “Loco” by India Love below:

Now available on
Apple Music

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Artist Nadia Lee Cohen takes us on a whimsical dream with Kali Uchis’ latest single “After the Storm”



You probably have come across Nadia Lee Cohen‘s many works of 50s-70s style art including photography, films, and creative direction on social media. After stylish collaborations with Miu Miu, Vogue, and more; Cohen has finally been making her artistic mark on the music scene with stars like Katy Perry, Dram, and Asap Rocky.

fresh cut 🌱🍀🌿 in time for something special tomorrow 🌾

A post shared by nadia lee cohen (@nadialeelee) on

Her latest muse is creative power house Kali Uchis in her newest single “After the Storm” featuring Tyler, the Creator and funk legend Bootsy Collins. With colorful animations and singing in the garden, Kali Uchis and Tyler the Creator are at home with their iconic visuals and Cohen’s distinctive creative direction. We’re excited to see what these creatives comes up with next.

"AFTER THE STORM" music video tomorrow

A post shared by ÚCHIS. (@kaliuchis) on

View the epic video below:

Kali Uchis takes selfie with Tyler the Creator announcing “After the Storm”

"AFTER THE STORM" music video out now!!! link in bio

A post shared by ÚCHIS. (@kaliuchis) on

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No need to smack a bitch today, Rico Nasty just gifted us a new bop to mosh pit to.



Rico Nasty hit over 1 million views on Key Lime OG and fans have been threatening via social media (all in good fun) for Rico to drop her newest single “Smack a Bitch” after hints of a few visual teasers.

artwork by @_jaytastic_

After reportedly shifting wigs today, Rico dropped her newest gem “Smack a Bitch”, produced by @kennybeats, for the world to enjoy. Dripped in finger waves and kawaii LED accessories, Rico gives our inner party goth something to mosh pit to. We live. Get ready to scream at random people in the club.

Get More Rico Nasty:
Instagram @rico__nasty
Twitter @Rico_nastyy

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