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Photos by: Marta Niewinska (@godlysinner)


Much has been made of how AKINGS NY’s, J project, captured the hearts of denim enthusiasts around the globe, inspired the successful two packaged runway. This highly anticipated event, AKINGSNY partnered with their sister company CLIQUP. was heard about throughout New York almost everywhere. A packed popup with consistent traffic even in the pouring rain to no surprise. Truly an inspiring site for such a small up and coming label. The space at 393 Broadway, New York, is well known for its white background, high ceilings and may also be familiar to some for previously presenting Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo Tour popup. The pop-up was an astonishing experience which is still much talked about in the media even after it has been over.

The dreadful endless pouring rain on May 13th didn’t stop AKINGS NY fans on storming into their second popup of the year. With over 1,000 attendees, the space quickly filled up to capacity, AKINGSNY’s latest pieces included a waterproof variation of AKINGS’ J17 denim, as well as an inhouse developed stretch selvedge denim of their J101. Both of these styles are notable for its J shaped or curved seam, which amplifies the twisting of fabric creating their immensely popular stacking effect.

Shoppers that attended the pop-up were met by a creative hub, from designers, artists, live DJs, photographers and models. The photo studio setup was opened to the public and captivated crowds of creatives and embodied the “Letsbuildfam vibes” that Alan King (@alanking) hinted about in his early announcements of the popup.

Enthusiastic in taking photos in the hot coral pink backdrop. Models were gathering around Stephanie Balik, the head of makeup for a chance to have their makeup completed before they headed to the photobooth.

Although, the inclement weather seem to have no sign of stopping, that didn’t stop any shoppers in entering and enjoying their time at the event. Shoppers were seen walking out of the Akingsny pop-up with a futuristic hybrid box, perhaps hinting at their next fall winter 2018 concept.


AKINGSNY was founded in New York on January 11, 2016. Akingsny is a denim focused apparel company that sets out to to provide excellence through fabric and design. Their products are sourced from the finest Japanese and Italian mills. Since inception they have stood by a core belief that “Better a little which is well done, than a great deal imperfectly.”


CLIQUP is about bringing people together and provide them a platform to connect, or “CLIQ UP”.


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