A Growing Man, a fashion story about genderless culture

“This is about the discussion of the genderless culture of Japan. The story began at Japanese Kabuki male actors who play female characters in the play. He captures the exact form and essence of a woman in life, and when he plays he grows a female soul inside. This growing could be lined to a modern youth subculture—genderless fashion. The concept is to provide some choices to these groups of suppressed fashion seekers, to satisfy their wishes of wearing the clothes they like even when they are working.” -Yao

Photographer: Zoe Yao @zoeyaoo | Model: Michael Moon and Cyrus @its_urfetish | Designer: Vicky XI @magokyy | MUAH: LIZ LI @piecebyliz | Stylist: Ziming Wang @zimingwang923


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