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A Gift To This World by Stephanie Cassano

“We are small. Our voices. Yet our whispers are loud. The love and kindness we embrace heals people, heals those who hate, those who fear and those who hurt. We heal our sisters, our mothers, our fathers, our partners and our children. We understand life with openness and love and find strength when we reconnect with our own feminine roots. There’s a special light, a warm feeling when we walk together, hand in hand we rise purity creating echoes of love that shower over others” – Sourita

Fashion & Stylist & Creative Director: Stephanie Cassano @akidwithideas | Photography: Lauren Vella @olivedippodesign | Stylist: Danielle Abarci @dagrl_ | MUA: Jay Heffernan @bambiskin | Model: Victoria Wang @_victoriawang


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