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    Exclusive: Home Alone editorial and visual

    Videographer-Jordi Castan @jordicastan | Photographer- Andre Titcombe @shotbyandre | Model- Chiara Campesan @chiaracampesan | Stylist- Ane Kruse @anekru | Hair- Alessandro Jottini @alexjottini | Make-up- Emese Kenéz @makeupbyemesekenez
    Fashion: Wythe Bea, Vintage/stylist’s own, One Boutique, Versace, Vivienne Westwood

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    Sweven, a work inspired by David Hockney and organic fluidity

    The silhouette for this collection was inspired by images taken from Vogue’s April-June issue, 1968. An organic and whimsical entity is seen weaving through the collection, this was somehow whisked from Hockney’s landscape paintings and his tones. Combining passionate creativity from each member of the team, we aimed to take a twist and create a collection that is an extension of David Hockney but with the soul of the sixties. Meeting in perfect harmony.

    Photographed by Gino Ward @callmegino | Hair & Makeup by Iga Wasylczuk @iggy_up | Pattern Cutting and Construction by Zhiyu Chen @yuyuyu.chen, Anisah Mohd, Farid @pinkdurian, Jo Hee Shin @joheelogy, Caprice Brown @louiixx_ | Knit textile by Yuhan Zhou @yuha.n | Textile print by Danielle Ebenholtz @_kissmyfash_, Aitangsyk Zhangbyrshina
    @aitangsyk_ | Embroidery by Anushka Patel @anushka512, Fong Yau Lam @__ow, Julia Trzos

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    Space of Sweetness by photographer Lester Villarroel

    Photography- Lester Villarroel @chester_ lv | Styling- Mima Zamall @mimazamall | MUA: Karina Lobos @karina_ lobos | Model: Almendra del Moral @almendrapaz @weloverebel

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    Frank Ocean Returns To NYC 

    Panorama lasted 3 days but it only took Day 1 to capture our hearts 

    Friday, July 28th 2017 at 9:35 pm on Randall’s Island was the only place we all should have been. It was time to experience Frank Ocean live. Frank Ocean is a mythical creature. He has been captured in camera but few have actually seen him. Fans traveled for various parts of the world waiting to hear and see Frank Ocean. From Russia to Texas fans came ready to experience songs from Franks discography live. Many concert goers goal for Day one was to see Frank. Fans entered the park around 1:30 pm to hold down there spot in preparation for his later showing. Limited printed tees with Franks face were sold out within hours. There were people waiting for four hours just to hear that the shirts were sold out. Minutes before Frank Ocean was set to perform his personal stage was being unveiled and the hand drawn visuals centered around his album had the crowd excited for what was in store. Opening up to Pretty Sweet and leaving us wanting more when ending with Nikes, Frank delivered to fans years of wanting a tour in one night. The set list went in the order of: Pretty Sweet, Solo, Chanel, Lens, Biking, CDG, Hublots, Running Around, Good Guy, Poolside Convo, Self Control, Higgs, Close To You, Ivy, Only You, Thinking About You, Nights, Pink + White, Futura Free and Nikes. The real treat was the rendition of Close To You and Good Guy that Frank decided to bless us all with. Frank turned both of these skits from Blonde into four-minute ballads that left us going through heart breaks that we tried so hard to forget.

    For Close to You, Frank infused the Jackson 5 Never Can Say Goodbye to the ending of the song. He put his personal touch on the song having many of us sing along “Trying to hide the feelings but they always seem to show”. You ever felt like putting up a wall to someone who you loved just for your real emotions to still show? It’s hard but Frank let us know we can still let that person know that we love them. Frank let us know that we are not alone when he are going through struggles in our love lives.

    For Good Guy, Frank decided to get down and play the notes via a mini MPC. It made us viewers feel more in touch when he sang “To you it’s just a late night out”. We have all been through the feeling of not having our love for someone reciprocated. Frank made us feel that he was just one of us going through the heartbreaks of life. Frank was on stage but he felt within arms reach. We sang with Frank, we felt heartbroken with Frank, we were thankful for Frank but most of all we were Frank.


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    There’s No Eden featuring Italian model Michela Obletter

    Photographer- Sami Oliver Nakari | Stylist- Roberta Beschi | Model- Michela Obletter @ The Lab Agency Milan

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    Unveiling: Blondland by Sophia Wilson

    Stylist Jaymes Blond’s clothing line is shown to the public for the first time ever in this 35mm Toksick exclusive photo series by 17-year-old photographer and NYC native Sophia Wilson.

    Together, they use the docile, androgynous, and unconventional pieces by Blondland to create a summer editorial that feels anything like a typical summer.

    Photographer- Sophia Wilson @phiawilson | Model- Marisa Bryant @shesgoldblooded | Stylist- Jaymes Blond @jaymesblond | MUA: Mia Varrone @miavarrone | Hair Stylist- Goldy Ilowitz @hairbygoldy


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    Who is Kenny Bandit?

    Kenny Morel aka Kenny Bandit is here to put New York on the map. Kenny Bandit is the dark alter ego of Kenny Morel. He is one that does things spontaneously and is carefree. He is the one that goes against society’s expectations and does what he wants. From the malleable age of eight, Mr Bandit knew that music was an art that he wanted to pursue. But it wasn’t till the age of twenty that he was able to have access to the resources that assisted him in sharing his love for music. To Kenny, music is personal. This art is an extension of who Kenny is. His music is the audio representation of the Bandit lifestyle. Kenny’s sound is melodic masterpiece that has been inspired from artists such as Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Nas, Jimmy Hendrix, Sade, UGK and The Weeknd.

    Kenny Bandit recently released an EP called Club  Madonna Listen here:

    It was inspired by Club Madonna on South Beach on a recent trip to Miami by Kenny. Kenny was in Miami for his birthday and there was an electrifying vibe that had drawn him into Club Madonna. The bright lights and ambiance of the club fired up the Bandit. He now felt the responsibility to create a personal recollection of what happened in Miami. The Bandit was inspired to create a dark yet sexual drug influenced story.

    The Bandit has envisioned goals which he would love to achieve in the next three years. The Bandit wants to be able to fully commit all of his time into making music. He wants to be able to share with the world his music by going on tour. In addition to blessing the would with his personal work, the Bandit would jump at the opportunity to collaborate with Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Pharrell and The Weeknd.

    You can experience the Bandit life via:

    Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/kennybandit

    Instagram: @kennybandit

    Twitter: @kingbvndit

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    RETROSPECTIVE by photographer Maria Maksak

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    Danger area: Work in Progress by photographer Clément Lemaire

    Photographer: Clément Lemaire @lemaire__clement | Créatice: Virginie Riou @virginm | Assistant photo: Henry @henrydiagne, Maquillage: Miki Matsunaga @mikimatsuna | Coiffure: Enrique Souza | Modèles: Sasha @MP Paris / Alexis Lilou @liloudaba

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    Lissy Elle Laricchia and Dorian Electra team up for this gender bending project

    “We wanted to portray individuals (especially young creatives) that are empowered by being both the business-minded boss and the artist, that everyday are taking on both traditionally feminine and masculine roles, and rocking both. Inspired by the excess and eccentricities of Las Vegas, we decided to capture this theme in character; the show girl and the sleazy club owner all wrapped into one.”

    Lissy, a Brooklyn based fine art and music photographer, recently created these images alongside Los Angeles based Dorian Electra, who is an artist/performer writing educational pop music about about the history of sexuality, as well as an extended odyssey on the history of drag.

    Taken in a Las Vegas lounge inspired set, she is being depicted in typically “masculine” clothing, typically “feminine” clothing, as well as some images where the line is even more blurred.

    Photographer: Lissy Elle Laricchia @lissyellelaricchia http://www.lissyelle.com/ | Dorian Electra @dorianelectra http://dorianelectra.com/MUSICVIDEOS

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    To create your dream you have to create something out of nothing

    …This high fashion shoot was produced, with no budget, some film and my punky friends. UK based photographer ‘The London Vagabond’(@the.london.vagabond), with agent Modest Gold, is usually photographing his own life diary – which is often explicit, raw, and honest documentation of the streets and his friends. The skinhead model is Gema Lopez and the fierce and surprisingly unsigned ginger model is Aina Reig Pascual. Featuring designs from Do.It.Yourself collection by tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise, lingerie by designer Ruth Netania, and Francesca Capper’s tailored cuts and conceptual shapes. The looks were completed by MUA Paula Delgado.

    Photographer – The London Vagabond @the.london.vagabond | Stylist/Producer – Freya Randle-Helgesson @wolfeeeetv | MUA – Paula Delgado @pauladelgadomua | Art Direction – Modest Gold @modest.gold | Assistance – Riccardo Palmerani @riccardopalmerani | Models: Aina Reig Pascual @ainahatesig, Gema Lope z@tv.wc, Beto @lagunatatts

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    Inspired by fairytales and 18th century fashion, Carla Acar and Nakia Pleasant presents Ruffles


    Inspired by fun and whimsical fairytales with a touch of 18th century women’s fashion, Ruffles are a huge trend at the moment so stylist Nakia Pleasant decided to take the trend and exaggerate it by layering garments and playing with multiple pastel colors.

    Photographer: Carla Acar @carlamacar | Stylist and Graphic Design: Nakia Pleasant www.nakiapleasant.com @nakiapleasant | Model: Cailyn Mckenzie @cailynnmac_boo | Makeup & Hair: Madison Kahuli www.madisonkahuli.com @madisonkahuli

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    Tyler the Creator and Steve Lacy perform 911 on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    After releasing his latest album Flower Boy, Tyler the Creator and producer/singer/and member of The Internet, Steve Lacy, performed last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Close friends like Petra Collins, Taco, Luka Sabbat, Diana Veras, Jasper, and more, also accompanied the artists for an epic soul train line and even a mini crowdsurf. Tyler announced on Twitter how happy he was with the performance and how much his voice has changed over the years.

    Check out the late night performance below in case you missed it!

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    Save the tissues, we’re bringing back our digital issues!

    Our responsive digital issues were a big hit and we’re bringing them back just for you! Our newest theme is

    1. express warm approval or admiration of, 2. the expression of approval or admiration for someone or something

    Submit your work to submissions@toksickmag.com with the following important information:
    1. Submit your work to submissions@toksickmag.com with DIGITAL ISSUE in the subject line.
    2. Make sure your work represents the theme: Praise
    3. We are accepting film photography, articles, quotes, and visuals.
    4. Make sure your work is in a PDF preview file.
    5. Do not send WeTransfer or zip files, they will not be opened.
    6. Type all credits and a description of the work being submitted in the email.

    Deadline for submissions is August 15, 2017.

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