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2018: Battle of the AI? Lil Miquela hacked by a trump supporting CGI

Okay what is life? It’s the year 2018, and we are in the midst of a new style of beef and internet trolling: Artificial Intelligent Instagram Models?! Yes, you read right. You’ve seen Lil Miquela, no doubt about it, in everything from magazines, to events, and hangouts…but that’s the thing, has anyone actually ever seen her? Everyone who has come into contact with the virtual influencer has been tight-lipped about whether she’s real or fake. With almost 1 million Instagram followers, Lil Miquela has taken the world by storm and confusion.

Lil Miquela’s artist, or whatever she is, has definitely gotten better at photo taking (or editing) over the years. She now graces magazine covers, campaigns, released songs on Spotify, and even DJ’d a few events. Yet NO ONE has spotted her and has lived to spill the beans (jk, maybe she’s been handing out NDA’S). Countless fans and conspiracy theorists have wasted their lives trying to figure it out. However, that’s the beauty of the Spanish-Brazilian American computer-generated Instagram model. She blurs the lines of URL and IRL, which many of us do on Instagram, without the CGI skills.

Recently however, one AI who has apparently been beefing with Miquela online, hacked into the stars’ Instagram account a few hours ago after deleting all of her precious photos. The Trump-supporting, Tami Lahren look-a-like hopped on Miquela’s account reporting that her name is Bermuda and she’s upset that her DM and calls have been ignored (girl aren’t we all but ok)

Bermuda is Bae (who is far from it might I add) says,

“Kids seem to like your tacky clothes + liberal lies. I bet you’ll still have a career when this is over…maybe ; ) What are you running from? Be proud, sis. #literallyperfect #BermudaTriangle #theNextStep #hotterinBermuda #learntotalk #discourse”

Since the hack, Lil Miquela has went to Twitter to report the incident

Look, I’m not sure what’s beef between these two computers but all I can say is 2018 is weird and my grandparents would never understand. Hopefully Lil Miquela receives her Instagram account, however, before the 985K account gets removed for good or even her story is revealed. I mean, I dig the Miquela craze and she supports #BlackLivesMatter, so give it back sis, let her thrive.


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